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Latitude Cartography Ltd.
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Why "Map Maker Pro"?
I am often asked this question. If you are interested, please click here to read my (rather long) response (in PDF format).
Click here to see a comparison between various good mapping software interfaces I refer to in my article.

(Note: all map examples on this web-site are made with Map Maker Pro)

Why upgrade from Pro 3.5 to Pro4?
For existing Map Maker Pro 3.5 users I have written a short article about a possible upgrade from Pro 3.5 to Pro 4 Click here to download this PDF file.
Please note that Pro4 will install as a seperate package so you can still use Pro3.5 at the same time if you are not confident yet!

Discussion Forum
Please sign in using your real name and occupation, click here to login

Mapping Tuition
Speed course (one A4)- Pro3.5:
In the UK a so call :"Habitat Phase 1- Survey" is on-going. To assist this survey, usually done by non mapping experts, a small tuition package was developed.
In this 'zip' file you will find a very low resolution aerial photograph, a map extract, a style set as specified in the JNCC instruction manual, and
one A4 with some instructions.
Although the stylefile and the instruction are specific for this type of map and are very limited, the principles explained are quite universal. These instructions only cover a very small part of "digital mapping", yet, they might be a good stepping stone for complete novices.

Please click here

If you simply haven't got the time to explore Map Maker and need to be up and running fast, please do not hesitate to ask a quote for a course. These can be given on site.  A two day course is advisable but one day courses are also given.

Click here to go to contact us.

A protocol is given which might help in determing what is wrong and some basic information is given of common things which often confuses novice users.

Click here to go to that page.

Useful aid
Colour Charts:
Screen colours usually are different when printed which may cause a lot of frustration and can cost a lot of ink!
Download the pdf file by clicking on the image below and follow the few very simple instructions to improve your colour management.

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click on this image to download (688Kb)