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Latitude Cartography Ltd.
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Map making courses

In response to requests for on-site training, we developed a structured map-making course which we tailor to the needs of the participants. The one or two day long course is built around the software Map Maker Pro ( which, besides being an excellent tool for novice map makers, is also our tool of choice for all projects and map productions. We have installed it as a networked GIS System for companies such as Fountains UK Forestry and trained many of their staff.  In 2004, the ‘Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group (FWAG) were rolling out the software as their GIS tool and we trained their Scottish, Cornish and Devon teams.

Companies, as well as individual consultants in the forestry industry seem to find their way to Map Maker Pro and we have provided training for Fountains, Bell Ingram and Woodland (Ireland's oldest private forestry company). The Forestry Contractors Association (FCA) engaged us to run a training course that they sponsored in Inverness.

We have been or are involved with various estates such as the Knoydart Estate (Scotland), Woburn Abbey (Bedfordshire), Fonthill Estates (Wiltshire) and the Tregothnan Estate (Cornwall). For some we have provided training, for others we have produced management plans or set up a GIS. At present we are working with Sherborne Castle Estates (Dorset) setting up a map based management system (see p.3)


To ‘zoom out’ a bit further to the West: training for a marine biologist operating in the Caribbean and telephone support was given to map makers in the US. To the North: a Swedish archaeologist came to our offices to be trained,  and later -from the South- a Ghanaian school teacher was trained to make street maps of Ghana’s cities and villages because if nobody can find the street names then banks won’t lend money to get new businesses going!

Making maps from the aerial to the grass roots level.


As a small company, Latitude Cartography is able to respond quickly and personally to particular mapping requirements. Our maps, training programmes and software solutions are tailored to meet the challenges our clients bring to us. We hope to hear from you soon.