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By Appointment to
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Latitude Cartography Ltd.
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Hanno Koch, (1961) Senior Cartographer / Project Manager, founded 'Latitude Cartography Ltd' in 1999. Before moving to England to live in a picturesque Dartmoor village, Hanno worked in the Dutch Armed Forces as a qualified Land Surveyor. Early in his career he found his way into cartography and worked for 11 years for KLM Aerocarto, the former mapping division of the Royal Dutch Airlines. Hanno set up the first digital cartography department in that company. In his role as senior project manager he was responsible for all international mapping contracts, mainly dealing with NGOs and National Mapping Agencies. This provided him with a wide range of experience: from aerial photography to large & small scale mapping, from orthophoto production to the creation of data sets for GIS purposes.

In January 2008, Latitude Cartography was granted a Royal Warrant of Appointment to Her Majesty The Queen in recognition of services and products rendered over the last 5 years to the Sandringham Estate.

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